Friday, October 18, 2013

Still here

Sorry, seems like I've abandoned this blog, but that isn't exactly what happened...

I couldn't think of much to say, or to talk about, or anything "out of the rut" to share recipes for.  And I got busy with other things...then I just never got around to coming back.

BUT - all  that should change... I hope :)

I'd like to get back into sharing and writing on both my blogs - this food related one, and my other craft and assorted blabbering one -, in case you want to have a look see.

I'm not very good with tags and labels for posts.  And not in the habit of adding them!!  But, I'm thinking about trying something different.... Posting themes.  Like, for example, Monday might be "toy day", where I'll post about one of my appliances of gadgets.  Then, maybe Tuesday will be back to basics - simple "staple" recipes for making soup stock, basic recipes, how-to basic recipes for the newbie or inexperienced cook.  And so on....Wednesday, maybe I'll do a "free for all" where I'll post reviews if we go to a restaurant or something...

Just trying to get things "back on track".  But don't look for this to happen any time soon!!  Unfortunately, my life is still a little chaotic, and on top of that, I seem to have picked up a bug of some sort - aches, upset tummy, puffy eyes...  So, it may be another couple weeks before I can try to reset my routine.

So, hope to "see" you all soon!!

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