Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1/8/13 Rae & Jerry's

So, met my sister for lunch.  Was a great little visit.  She wanted to sit in the lounge; she really enjoys their frozen margaritas.  I had one once before, when she invited me to lunch there a year or so ago.  That was my first visit.  I don't recall much about it, to tell the truth... Anyway.  Today, I looked at the lunch menu, and there just wasn't much that appealed to me... I mean, maybe they make good burgers, but I can make that at home.  And honestly, I'm the kind of person who likes to go out to eat something *different*.  So we settled on sharing a Greek salad.

Definitely more than enough for two - there was even leftovers on the plate.  She proclaims it the best Greek salad in the city.  I honestly haven't had too many Greek salads, though I will say that I miss the one I've had at Park Tower (which is now, sadly, closed).  So, having said that, the salad was good.  The cucumber and tomatoes were cut into big chunks, which I think I should have asked for a knife to cut them smaller.  I mean, I like to be able to get a mix of food in each mouthful - in this case, I could only fit one veggie at a time in... The lettuce and peppers were also cut into larger pieces, but at least I could eat them together.  And the onions... Well, they were sliced, which is good, but they were sliced thin.  Which means, not enough onion to stick the fork into to pick up.  So... It was rather like trying to eat spaghetti.

They were, however generous with the black olives - pit in, but fortunately I have had the misfortune to not realize a restaurant would serve them that way in the past, so I stabbed the first one with a fork to avoid that unpleasantness again.  Also, as my sister doesn't like the olives, I got to eat them all :)  They are also very generous with the feta cheese - which is a good thing, because both my sister and I *LOVE* feta :)

So, overall my opinion of the Greek salad is about a 7 out of 10.  Flavour, freshness, portion - all good.  But the preparation of the veggies (size of chunks, slices) brought it down in my opinion.

Oh, and I had tea with it - Good quality brand of Earl Grey, but the waitress asking me if I wanted more water first before I'd even finished steeping the first cup, then several more times while I was drinking (and at least one time when I had a mouthful of food and couldn't answer) was a bit annoying... I appreciate the attention to detail and service, but really... I mean, how do I know if I'll need more water before I've even started to drink the first cup???  Yet, even though when the tea was ordered, she asked if I took anything like milk or sugar, we did need to remind her to actually bring the sugar...  So, I would say the service could use a bit of improvement...

I'm sure my sister, if she were to read this, will disagree - she is apparently a regular there.  Me, this is only my second visit, and both times were at my sister's invitation and treat...

I do believe that the first time, I enjoyed it much  more - and I had a frozen margarita with her that time, and I believe we did the shared salad thing then, too...  So, even though I don't rate today's visit very highly, I would have to try it at least one more time to give a true, fair review.  (Plus, this is my first ever blog review, and it is strictly my own opinion - I wouldn't want anyone to think that I have any major problem with the restaurant)

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