Saturday, January 5, 2013

1/5/13 Boring meals in a rut?

Ok, I'm not really in a rut - not yet, anyway.  But, we've been having boring meals for a bit.  I know, I shared a couple recipes, and they may seem not so boring to some.  But, last night was "cook your own" pork chops for supper.  A few things, like pork chops and steaks, we do cook our own.  It is much easier than trying to get two servings cooked to perfection, when the two people like their meat cooked to different levels of doneness.  Makes me respect restaurant cooks/chefs who are able to prepare two customers' meals so they can be served together... and boggles the mind for the larger parties....

Anyway - we had pork chops last night, he made fries with his, I zapped a potato in the microwave.  Tonight - I don't know what to make.  I know what I wanted to make - gumbo - but I need a bit more time than I've had lately.  Had our grandson staying over for a few days, and then today had to finish (finally!) repairing a plumbing issue with my kitchen sink.  So, my kitchen is in a bit of an uproar state, more so than usual, so by the time I finish clearing off enough space to make dinner (under sink cupboard had to be emptied and cleaned, of course, and not restocked too much until repairs could be completed) there just isn't the time for the fiddly bits of doing a new recipe.

Which means, here I am, blogging instead of figuring out what to make for supper, and it is nearly supper time.  *sigh*.  Of course, there is nothing thawed, either... and it wasn't that long ago that I did macaroni and cheese.  Nor is it that long since the breakfast for dinner eggs and bacon we sometimes do.  I guess... I'll just have to do some fast thinking!!

Hopefully, I'll manage to come up with something soon.  I'll let you know tomorrow!

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