Friday, January 4, 2013

1/4/13 No recipe today, toy story instead.

Last night we did a simple meal - hot dogs and sauerkraut.  Back when my grandson (GS) was staying with us in the summer, we'd been told one of his favourite foods was hot dogs.  Mine, too... So, we talked about maybe having a hot dog eating contest... He only ate one that day.  So, this time, he asked me about the contest again.  He told me that this time, he was more ready for it, and it was on!  I ate three, and would have eaten a fourth... he jammed out after two.

I consider my kitchen appliances and gadgets to be toys.  I love playing with new things.  Little manual hand held gadgets, small appliances, interesting cookware...   I once said that I didn't want or need a bread maker, because I was quite capable of making bread myself.  Well, one year, I was talking with a friend who enjoys cooking as much as I do, and she told me just how useful her bread maker was.  She used it for the "hard" or time-consuming part - the mixing and rising and kneading.  But, she always finished it off herself in the oven.  So, that year, I got one for Christmas.  I do love using it. I did, when I got it, try doing the bread the whole way in the machine.  But, it doesn't always turn out uniform, and even if it does kind of, it is not a "normal" bread shape.

Another appliance that I thought I wouldn't want was a stand mixer.  Well, just over three years ago, I ended up buying one on sale.  When I realized it not only did mixing, but had attachments (it is a Kitchen Aid) that did all sorts of other things - well... I'm in love with it!!  I have the pasta extruder, the grater attachment, the meat grinder, and I bought the sausage stuffer ends.  It is a toss-up which I've used more - the mixer or the attachments!!

Both of these appliances do have one major drawback - much as I love them, they cannot live in my kitchen :(  I just don't have any counter space for them to take up permanent residency, so they live in the livingroom, and I bring them in for visits when I want to use them.  *sigh* To have a real kitchen!!  I suspect, that this kitchen was designed for people who order in, dine out, or do take out/delivery for the majority of their meals, not for a person who loves to cook and bake and play with toys!!

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