Thursday, January 3, 2013

1/3/13 Last night supper and cooking habits

My cooking habit is, well, make everything from scratch.  At least, when ever possible.  Since I've developed some sort of allergy or at least sensitivity to some foods and food additives, this is even more important to me.

However, there are some things that I can get away with eating at restaurants, or pre-packaged, either because I don't consume them often or because I'm willing, sometimes, to suffer a little for the end result.

Last night was one of those meals I can do, that looks and sounds home made, but uses so many pre-made ingredients, that I feel guilty saying it is home made.  Well, I guess, technically, it is "home made" because I did make it, but it definitely is NOT from scratch.  It could be, but sometimes, I don't mind taking the short cut!

So, here's my recipe for "Cheater Home Made Burritos".

2 packages flour tortillas (the ones I use have ten in each; the first time I made these, I used 12 tortillas, last night I got 14 - the leftovers can be frozen)
2 tins refried beans (last time, I used plain, this time one plain, one with green chilies for the extra "zip")
 2 cups freeze dried taco TVP**, reconstituted per instructions (last time I used 1 cup, and the filling was quite "beany" - I wanted a bit more meat this time - probably why I got two more burritos!)
grated mozzerella to taste

Method:  I put the refried beans in a pot, warmed them up, then added the meat.  Placed two large soup-type spoonfuls of filling on a tortilla, sprinkled with grated cheese (probably put about 2-3 tablespoons each, I guess) then rolled up.  (there are lots of tutorials online for rolling technique) I placed several on a cookie sheet, pop them in a 350F oven for 15 - 30 minutes* to heat everything through and melt the cheese.  Serve with salsa, and a salad if you wish (I forgot to get salad stuff, so we just had burritos)

*I keep leaving them a bit long, and the ends get a bit crispy.  The dogs don't mind too much.  The leftovers (I only cook enough for the two of us, or last night three - our grandson is visiting) get sealed in plastic sandwich bags and popped into the freezer.  Great for work lunches, or a quick snack - pop in the microwave and heat as desired (usually about 2 minutes on high works for us)

**Sometime last summer, I started noticing various bloggers talking about freeze dried foods, including ground beef TVP or taco flavoured TVP - the TVP stands for Textured Vegetable Protien, a vegan or vegetarian selection.  Recently, I've learned that this product is available for purchase through home party sales here in Winnipeg.  (I plan to host a party hopefully in the first week of February - stay tuned if you're interested).  Even though I still enjoy eating meat, I thought I'd give this taco TVP a try for recipes and convenience.  I love it.  Along with a few other items... But, I'll leave the blogging about that for later.  I guess, just like anything else, if you don't have or don't want to use the TVP, you could use real ground meat, seasoned or not, in the burritos.  Along with maybe corn - I might try adding corn next time. Or chicken. Or.... whatever you wish to put inside!!

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