Friday, January 18, 2013

1/18/13 I have to stop doing that...

I have to stop saying I'll download pictures from my camera and post - seems every time I do, my day changes and I have to renege... That happens all the time on my other blog.

So, I'll do my part two post about the Paddlewheel tomorrow later.

In the meantime, yesterday I did a stir fry for supper.  It wasn't one of my better ones, unfortunately.  I have a bunch of cut up veggies in the freezer, but that wasn't the problem.  I couldn't find my sauces and spices that I normally use.  And, the meat was storebought precut for stir fry.  It was thicker than I'd normally slice the meat, so that meant a messed up cooking time, and tough meat. :(

Somewhere, while it was still edible, both my husband and I agreed that it was missing something.  Neither of us could put our finger on it, though.  I think it might have been pepper - I usually add fresh ground pepper when I do a stirfry... somehow or other I forgot this time.  Like I said, though, it was edible, and tasted "ok", but not "great" like it normally does.

At least it was a break from the rut I'm usually in for dinners!  (now I need to decide what to make for tonight!)

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