Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/16/13 In a rut

I seem to be in a rut again.  Can't think of interesting things to cook.  Last night I made chili.  Maybe tonight will be leftovers - except I'm not sure if that is what my husband took to work for lunch.  I don't think so, since there is still so much left..

I also think I should make some sort of notes to myself, so I know what I've posted about before, and what I don't need to repeat myself about.  I should also try to remember to utilize the blog labels a bit better - I started adding the label "recipe" if I include one.  I think I'll make some other labels - general chit-chat for posts like today, restaurant reviews for the few I ever go to, toys when I talk about my toys ;)

In the meantime - I know I don't always have to post, I just feel like doing it.  Discipline, getting in the habit of keeping track of what the date is for one thing.  Getting in the habit of doing some sort of writing each day - I have a written project I need to do.  I used to be really good at that sort of thing - got A's and A+'s in University for term papers on a regular basis.  But for some reason - I'm out of practice...

But I digress. That has nothing to do with food! :)

I do love food - love to eat, mostly love to cook.  Just not very good at the ideas of what to cook sometimes.  Sometimes, I get to thinking ahead- my grandson will be spending a weekend with us soon, and he has a few likes/dislikes to consider.  So, I've been mentally planning meals for that.  Plus, I'm getting a little ahead of myself thinking about a birthday cake I will be making and maybe special dinner.  Not sure about the making dinner part.  So that kind of takes up all the thinking room, bumping the mundane, every day dinners right out of my head!!

Tomorrow will be better... I think I'll do a stir fry for supper tomorrow.  

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