Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1/15/13 Errands, shopping, library

Yes, those things all have to do with food.  Ok, maybe not all my errands today were food related.  But, I did do my grocery shopping.  I enjoy it, some days.  Other days, it is simply a chore.  Today was somewhere in between.  I tried to keep to my list today and not buy any extras.  I did buy something I'd seen advertised on TV, though.

President's Choice often advertises various products on TV.  Sometimes, they are at a special price, other times they are seasonal foods.  They just had a bunch of Christmas special foods, that are no longer available.  A few years back, I kept seeing an ad for a seafood or shrimp "en papiatte" (I know I probably butchered the spelling of that -  high school French was a long time ago - my apologies to the Francophones of the city who may be reading this).  Anyway, basically shrimp in a paper pouch.  The pictures on TV looked interesting, and the price was also attractive.  By the time I finally found some in the local store, the price had risen to the point that it wasn't worth the risk that it wouldn't be well received.  So, I never did buy it.  BUT - a good friend came to my rescue.  She told me of a recipe she had to make it.   I now make it every so often.  (I will share the recipe next time I do)  Well, now I saw an advertisement for  "bacon marmalade".  Since I love bacon so much, I figured I'd try it...

It is a luxury.  Not cheap, but the jar is big enough, that it isn't too much...

I opened it when I got home.  I didn't really have any preconceptions.  I really didn't know what to expect.  But, I have to be honest - I'm a little disappointed.  It tastes like breakfast.  Like, as if you were to make yourself some bacon (and probably eggs) and have toast with marmalade on it on the side... As if, you take a bite of bacon, then a bite of toast...   In other words, nothing special... So, I'll eat the jar I have, but I won't likely buy it again.

Before I went grocery shopping, though, I stopped in at the library. Returned a book, picked up one on hold.  But for some reason, I was thinking about a birthday meal I'll be making in a few weeks, and how I will need to pick up the ingredients for the cake soon, which led me to think about Mexican food/cooking, and I thought I'd see what sort of Mexican cookbooks were at my branch.  I came out with not just the one book I went in to get, but four Mexican recipe books, one Canadian cookbook, a book on Chrsitmas traditions, and a book of short stories about dogs (one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books).  Quite an armful!!

So, I know what I'll be doing for a while ;)

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