Friday, January 11, 2013

1/11/13 Research

So, I've been playing a bit at cheese making.  Very much a "bit".  I found, some time last fall, a site to make your own "Velveeta" type cheese.  Since I am reducing or eliminating preservatives, I tried it.  Liked it.  But want to play around a bit with some of the ingredients.

I'm not alone in this interest in cheese making.  Several people here in my home town, as well as many other places seem to be looking into or trying their hand at making cheese.  I've already found several blogs about it with recipes, some because others have shared the links, some while researching, others while browsing various recipe sites, and some I just "tripped over" while looking at craft sites (what I mean, is, like my own personal blog, which is primarily about my crafting adventures and my pets, but also talks sometimes about cooking, or TV shows, or other things - so, some of the craft blogs I visit, the authors/bloggers also digress).

This morning, I started looking into some regulations regarding our food industry.  There is not one single body that covers everything - some branches of the government enforce the laws, others create the laws... There are different departments for the food "on the hoof" as it were, as well as for importing or exporting at all levels of production (the animal or seed, the processed food, the packaging...)  There are many regulations that cover everything from single cell embryo to your dinner plate, as well as the diverse ways in which it gets from point A to point Z.

In other words, simply looking up the legality of sourcing milk direct from the cow in order to have the most success at cheese making, isn't so simple after all!!

Hopefully, though, I will be able to gain more information, narrowing down the sources as I go.  Seems that for now, I need to wade through several publications (online, pdf type) to narrow down the focus to investigate further.  The main body regulating what can and cannot be purchased is Canadian Food Inspection Agency.   I'll update this space when I have more details!!

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