Monday, September 10, 2012

I have a new toy.

I admit it - I'm a junky.

A kitchen gadget and appliance junky.  I don't have a very big kitchen, and a total lack of storage space and cupboards, but I still need the toys...

I like little  hand held gadgets.  Utensils.  I have doubles of some of the common every day ones, like spatulas, egg flippers, slotted spoons.  I also have them in both metal and plastic/teflon/whatever for the non-stick pots and pans.  I have a lot of whisks.  Silicone spatulas in both small and large sizes.  Lemon squeezers, egg slicer, juicers, cherry pitter, avocado slicer  - all sorts of little things that hide in my drawers.  And I do use them!  All of them... Ok, maybe not every day - but I do use them all.  Can't part with a single one!

Appliances - I have lots of these, too.  And I use them, as well.  Again, not every day, but I do use them.  And I love them all!  One thing, though - I'm having trouble finding a decent deep fryer.  Found one that was perfect --until the knob  broke, or crumbled might be a better description.  I don't seem to be able to keep one in good working order for more than a year tops.  This part broke in 6 months - still functions, for now... Anyway, I tried to see about getting it replaced, and it turns out that the deep fryer was a discontinued style shortly after I bought it - new style doesn't have the same parts :(   Every so often I get a really good ancient one from a thrift store or yard sale, but sadly, while built to last, they do eventually wear out, and since they are old when I get them, they don't last long for me either...  Anyway, on with today's story:

Many years ago, I got for Christmas a K-Tel Food Dehydrator.  Now, some of you may scoff, and that is fine with me.  K-Tel may have an interesting reputation for selling all sorts of cheap crap, or crap cheap, but every so often, they come up with a winner.  Yes, I know that a full fledged food dehydrator would be a good investment, and might even be able to do amazing things and huge volume of food -- but, between the lack of counter space to devote to such a machine, and the lack of funds to invest in one, and the lack of space to produce volumes of food for drying, it seems an illogical investment (despite my addiction to kitchen toys, lol)

So, I had this food dryer, and I had fun drying some fruits and veggies, and making some beef jerky.  I was going to do fruit leathers, too, but hadn't quite got there when we moved.  Shortly after that, I recall loaning the dryer to a friend.... I have a feeling it never came back home.  I've been thinking about it for years, and wondering where it had been stuck away (like I said, not much storage room - I have some appliances in my living room, some in my porch along with baking pans, and a few things in my linen/broom closet, to name a few) and that was when I began to suspect that it hadn't come home....

This weekend, I was going through the flyers and discovered - one of the discount warehouse overage stores was advertising a food dehydrator just like the old K-Tel one!!  I just happened to have a little cash on hand that I could use...

I now have a new food dryer, and I can hardly wait to see what fruit and veggies come on sale now!  Dried food takes up a lot less space than frozen or canned :) and keeps longer than fresh! And with the probability of food costs rising throughout this winter due to drought conditions, I'll take whatever deals I can get.

I will likely blog about more of my toys again, in the future... Stay tuned! :)

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