Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bacon and Eggs

Are not just for breakfast, at least, not in my house :)

Ok, so maybe I'm scrounging for a post topic.  But... I figure I don't want to go too long without posting here.

Used to be that I'd make bacon and eggs for breakfast on the weekend. Or I guess the technical word would be brunch.   But, for the past couple of years, we've starting eating bacon and eggs for supper.  No real special reason, other than convenience.  Sometimes it is just an easy meal to make.  Right now, there are some tomatoes coming ready from our garden.  Not enough I'm afraid to go to any kind of trouble to preserve them (Oh, how I wish there were!).  But enough to slice up to have with the bacon and eggs.  I also often make hashbrowns, as well.  And toast.

So anyway, tonight that is what my husband suggested for supper.  Now, I'm not personally that fond of raw tomatoes (soup, salsa, sauce, canned/frozen, yes, but fresh - not so much) but today I might have a slice or two with my eggs.  And I seldom eat toast, not being a big fan of bread.  Bacon - I love!!  And eggs are fine with me.  I also love hashbrowns.  One of the few things that I may go the lazy route and use frozen store bought, almost as often as I use freshly grated potatoes.  Just depends on my mood... today is a frozen mood ;)

Well, I guess that means I'm off to get the electric fry pan ready!  :)

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