Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New (to me) Recipe for Onion Rings.

I should be posting more, just haven't had time! I'm gearing up for a pig roast in a few days - but that deserves its very own post.  For now, I want to rave about a recipe I found last week.

Pinterest has been a fascinating website.  First, I appreciated it for the fact that I could save all the cute kitty pictures I find without using up my hard drive space.  Then, I started discovering all sorts of cool design ideas for my home.  Then came the recipes.... I've been trying all sorts of new things, and this time, it was a different recipe for onion rings.


I have a recipe for batter that I got from my Joy of Cooking.  The cookbook was a Christmas gift from my (then) soon to be sister in law.  Great reference book - anything you want to know about any food item, you can probably find in it.  As for recipes --- well, honestly, I find many of them convoluted or specialized in a way that makes them impractical for everyday use.  Especially for a young wife, still learning her way around a kitchen.  However, there are some good recipes in there, that I've used over and over and over again.  Spilled food and stains on some pages attest to the best ones!  One of those that I've used many times is the "fritter batter".  A favourite when making Chinese food such as sweet and sour chicken balls.  BUT, even though the book claims it is good for many savoury purposes, I have found it not so good for onion rings, or many other fried veggies. Too heavy.  I have another recipe from a friend, for a tempura type batter, that I now use when fondue-ing.  But it would be too thin for onion rings, I think.  Sometimes, I feel a little like Goldilocks ;)

So, when I discovered the Canadian Living recipe, I figured I'd give it a shot.  It differed from the Joy recipe in that the beer was to be used fresh, not flat.  And the standing time was a lot shorter than I'm used to.

I did do some things not exactly as written - I didn't dredge the onions in flour first, but ended up with nice crispy rings anyway.  And I don't have any cayenne in the house - what I do have is "extra hot chili powder" that I buy in bulk from Superstore.  Hotter than cayenne, to tell the truth... I was nervous substituting, but I couldn't even taste it.  (May get brave next time, and do the heaping spoon thing).  Also, the recipe says "1 bottle beer" - well, we buy canned beer right now, so I measured it out, looking to get close to 341 ml instead of the 355 the can claims to be.... I used the whole can.  :P

The verdict - I found this batter to be "just right!"  Not too heavy, not too thin.  And the onion rings turned out perfect! (except for one batch that I had to step away from for a couple of minutes, so they got well browned!).  This recipe is definitely a keeper.

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