Friday, June 29, 2012


New food related blog...more to follow. <--- that sentence was typed when I created this blog, back around June 29th, based on the info here on blogger dashboard. :)  I'm updating, finally, on July 16th.

So.  A few weeks back, maybe even close to a month, our local newspaper had an article about a group of people who live in or near our city, and blog about food, and restaurants, and so on.  They also formed a Facebook group, and get together every so often to review a local eatery.

I thought that sounded interesting, and I checked out the Facebook group.  After a week of a little lurking and a little commenting there, I figured it might be a good thing to start my own food related blog.  I do have a blog already, that I try to keep up with, where I share my craft related stuff, my pets, my life successes and failures, my opinions now and again, and I've likely mentioned food once in a while.

Since food seems to have become an important part of my life lately (yes, I know, I've eaten for most of my life, but I simply "ate" or "cooked" for a very long time - now I put a lot more thought and effort into it - details will follow with other posts in this blog), it seemed to be a timely thing for me.  So, I'm starting a food blog.

I will share recipes as well as information/opinions.  Reasons for doing things the way I do, related to food and eating.  Things I learn.  Restaurants I enjoy and why.

I do not like to be too public with the personal information on the world wide web; on Facebook, I go by Anne Catlady.  On blogger, I go by Catlady.  Since this blog is very location specific, I am even more nervous about giving too much information!  But, I can say, that no one need worry there might be another "Bertha Rand" in the making - I only have two live kitties.  I collect cat themed items, though.  I also have two dogs, a husband, a son and daughter in law, and four grand children.  I don't suppose it should come as a surprise to say that I do enjoy cooking.  And I do enjoy many fibre related crafts.  If you wish to check out my other blog, it is .  Do not feel obligated. :)

So, that is me in a nutshell!  I appreciate comments on my blog, and I do have them moderated to keep the spammers at bay.  Do not feel you have to comment ever, though - for me, a blog is like a personal journal, that I use to write my thoughts down to get them out of my head.  I find two things - if I write it, I remember it better, so writing/journalling helps the learning process, and if I don't share my thoughts somewhere either by talking them out or writing them out, they rattle around in my head and drive me nuts!!  So, my other blog is primarily that, an outlet for the voices in my head.  This blog is going to be similar, but I also plan to share recipes that I've created or adapted, so this blog is a lot more public and I wouldn't mind feedback at the very least on the recipes when I share them :)

Thank you for reading this far.  Hope to "see" you again soon!

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